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Whether you’re a serious firearms collector, a novice, or somewhere in between, myArmsCache has everything you need to keep track of your firearms, ammo, accessories, gun parts, time at the range — and much more.

myArmsCache Features

Detailed Inventory: Keep a detailed inventory of your Guns, Ammo, Accessories, and Gun Parts.

Guns: Keep track of the dates you shot each gun, how many rounds you fired, and the ammo used.

Gun Maintenance: Keep a record of when you cleaned your Gun or had it repaired.

Ammo: Track your ammo usage and how many shots you fired from each firearm

Range Report: Keep a detailed record of your time at the range, including date of shoot, weather, total rounds shot, and more.

Purchase Report: View how much money you spent on Guns, Ammo Accessories, and Parts each month. If you are on a budget, you can quickly see how much money you’ve spent in a particular month or year.

–> And MUCH more!

myArmsCache Overview

Here is a basic overview of the different sections in the myArmsCache app:

Keep a detailed inventory of your Guns, including manufacturer, model, caliber, action, modifications, serial number, purchase details, and more.

Guns Sold section: keep track of the details on the guns you sold, including date sold, who you sold it to, amount received, dealer info, and sale details.

Keep detailed of inventory of your Gun Parts, including manufacturer, model, part details, finish, category, serial number, purchase details, and more.

Parts Sold section: keep track of the details on the parts you sold, including date sold, amount received, who you sold it to, and sale details

Keep an inventory of your Ammo, including brand, caliber, bullet type, bullet weight, muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, purchase details, and more.

Keep track of how often you purchase a particular ammo, cost per round, and how much you’ve spent.  You can also keep track of the number of rounds shot.

In the Accessories section, you can keep an inventory of all your accessories, including holsters, scopes, loaders, range bags, etc.

If you use an accessory with a particular gun, you have the option to assign it to that Gun.

In the Maintenance section, you can keep track of how often you clean your gun, have it repaired, or any maintenance you do to it. You can assign a category and include detailed notes.

Keep a list of Guns, Ammo, and Accessories that you want to take with you to the Range. You can use the checkmarks to check off an item when you add it to your bag.

Keep a record of your visits to the Range. Once you add the range information, you can add Shooting Records with photos of the target, the weather, time of day, distance from the target, and guns, accessories, and ammo that you used.

The purchase report includes details on your purchases for Guns, Ammo, Accessories, and Parts. Sort the Purchase Report by Month, Year, Store, and Manufacturer (Brand).

Use the Shopping List to keep track of items you want to purchase. There are separate sections for Guns, Ammo, Accessories, and Parts so that you can keep a separate list for each.

View detailed statistics for your Guns (All Guns, Current Guns, Sold Guns), Ammo (includes rounds purchased, rounds shot, and remaining rounds) & Accessories. (Located in Summary section), and Parts (All Parts, Current Parts, Parts Assigned to Guns, Sold Parts)

myArmsCache is rated 4.7 out of 5 on the App Store

Here's what some users have said about the app:

Captain Stats!
Very nice app that is cleanly designed and has great options for organizing and cataloging information. I have a small collection I’ve inventoried with this so far and have run into no issues. Really enjoying the analytics on purchasing and pricing…

Best Firearm App
One the best gun and ammo trackers out there. Very easy to use super fast, and has a great layout. Been using the past couple of hears and it’s nice to know how many rounds I put through each gun per year. 100% recommend for anyone on the fence.

Outstanding database app!

Bought this app to have a simple database application to keep detailed records of my collection. Have been very pleasantly surprised at the comprehensive nature of this app – it provides a wealth of information linking guns, ammo, and accessories in an easy-to-use interface…

Love it
This app allowed me to keep track of all my inventory. Well worth paying for! Packed with Features from sorting to exporting to excel.

Best of many I have tried

This is very user friendly and also powerful at the same time.

Amazing App
Very nicely designed and easy to use. Navigation among calibers for ammo purchases and tracking is a breeze.

Simple, intuitive, useful, handy
A great tool to organize your collection digitally and useful for range reports. Get it.

Great way to track your firearms and EDC gear
Great app for keeping track of your shooting gear.

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